We Have Pride

Walls Property Management takes pride in all properties we manage by treating them like we are the owners. Our friendly staff cares about building relationships with our rental owners, tenants and vendors. We believe in full transparency with our 24/7 online system for owners to view financial reports and bills on their property. In addition, we find it important for our tenants to create work order requests, view their tenant ledger, and make rent payments 24/7 through our streamline system. It is our view that we all lead busy lives and we simply try to make it a little easier with information at your fingertips when you want it.


As a company we believe one of our strengths is finding the right person for your vacancy. Do you run a criminal background check? Oh do we have stories, you really do not know who you are getting without it. We have also learned to dig deep beyond just a credit report, it so important to see how people handle their money, obtain income verification, and verify character with credible rental references. You really need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are moving in to avoid costly expenses down the road.

We have learned to adapt to the marketplace by giving prospective renters what they are looking for as long as it is cost effective in generating more rent and decreasing vacancy time. For example, in some areas carpet is becoming a thing of the past with the affordability of laminate wood flooring now days. Prospective tenants are often very pleased to see nice clean wood floors and it is a big selling point for people with allergies. It has been our finding that we greatly reduce vacancy time and are generating more in rent with this one thing in combination with other little things. Another focus for us is to strategically advertise and show property to make people jump on our places. There is nothing better than when you have a selection of qualified people to choose from that are willing to pay top rent for your property. The best testimonial for us is our satisfied owners that have referred us to other rental owners time and time again.



Our residential property management and leasing services provide a hassle-free solution for property owners in the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas.


Professionals traveling through the Los Angeles area or executives looking for temporary housing, we can provide you with flexibility and a worry-free experience.


Our Commercial property management team helps you maximize profitability and minimize the headaches associated with commercial properties.

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